A selection of my base pigeons:

A.P. Overwater, Strijen

A.P. Overwater is well-known top fancier in the marathon world. He is an independent entrepeneur in his daily life. Together with his wife he runs a horse boarding stable. A.P. has been among the pigeons since he was 9 years old. He found his first pigeon in the garden. He received two racing pigeons from a fancier. This was the beginning of a nice pigeon start. In his early years A.P.’s parents supported his hobby. A.P. has always had pigeons since that time. Since 1984 he has had pigeons at his current address. That is a house with all kinds of space around it for all kinds of animals, such as horses and pigeons.

A.P. Overwater has built a strong loft with his pigeons. A.P. mainly plays in the ZLU races as well as competes in the NPO classics. His pigeons have a strong old fashioned Jan Aarden-background. Most of the pigeons come from Bas and Hugo Batenburg. He has this type inbred in his best racing and breeding pigeons. The stock is supplemented with top pigeons from other fanciers. Co-breeding is the way in which he prefers to breed it. In the base next to the pigeons of Batenburg you will also see Piet de Vogel, Martin de Poorter, Arjan Beens, Sjaak van de Velde and son, Wijnands and son and Family Toom.

A.P. Overwater from Strijen, the man with powerful pigeons, who not only perform well for him, but also for other fanciers. In recent years A.P. has put up lots of good results.

We will explain the following performances:
1e National Agen 2014
1e National Dax 2018
International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015-2018

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